Do You Want Your Business to be a

 Stop spending endless hours looking for new clients. 
Instead have "qualified clients" 
pursuing you.

Attract More LEADS. Help More CLIENTS. Earn More MONEY. Save More TIME.


Do You Want Your Business to be a

 Stop spending endless hours looking for new clients. 
Instead have "qualified clients" pursuing you.

Attract More LEADS. Help More CLIENTS. Earn More MONEY. Save More TIME.

Your Business Will Succeed or Fail Based on Your Ability to
Constantly Attract Leads and Clients

As a freelancer or solopreneur, the most important part of your business besides providing
quality products or services to customers, is


But this is also where most people/businesses struggle the most. 

Can you relate to any of these scenarios? 

No Marketing Systems to Attract Leads

Inconsistent Income

Freelancer Sites Take 10-20% of Your Income

Difficult to Scale 

Taking on Clients Who Aren't a Good Fit

More Time Looking for Clients Than Earning Money

Our Simple Marketing System Allows You To Stop Chasing Clients...
And Instead, Have Them 
Begging To Do Business With You

Our Three-Legged Marketing System to Attract Clients on Autopilot

We use a three legged approach to attract clients. Each leg is necessary to give you a steady flow of leads and clients. But, if you're missing one or more of the legs, then your business will be off-balance - costing you clients, time and money.


Here is the approach we use to help you attract leads and convert them into clients - while also building your business as an authority in the minds of potential customers:

  • LEG #1: Have a website with the ability to capture and follow up with leads on autopilot
  • LEG #2: Drive targeted traffic to your site to make it easy for prospects to find you online
  • LEG #3: Constantly show people what you offer and stay top of mind

* Click on each dropdown arrow below to learn more

LEG #1: Have a website with the ability to capture and follow up with leads on autopilot

LEG #2: Drive targeted traffic to your site to make it easy for prospects to find you online

LEG #3: Constantly show people what you offer and stay top of mind

Are You Ready to Stop Stressing About Marketing for Leads and Start Using a Proven System to Attract Qualified Clients? 
Choose an Option Below


The Client Magnet Blueprint

This is our signature step-by-step course where you'll discover how to attract more leads and convert more clients using our Three-Legged Marketing System. It includes:

  1. How to set up and optimize your website to capture leads and convert them to clients
  2. How to use SEO and pay per click to drive traffic to your site so it’s easily found by potential clients
  3. How to use social media to build credibility, show what you have to offer, and stay top of mind.

Option #2: DONE FOR YOU

Just Get-It-Done Marketing 

This is for freelancers and solopreneurs who know it's important to have a marketing system in place to attract and convert leads to clients, but you either (a) don't know how (b) don't enjoy doing it, or (c) are too busy to do it yourself. 


Our "Just Get It Done Marketing Service" allows you to focus on providing value and growing your business - while we set up and maintain marketing systems on a monthly basis to attract your ideal clients. You're basically putting your marketing on autopilot. 


We can take over all of your online marketing or just the parts you need. 

Option #3: DONE WITH YOU

Bridge-the-Gap Consulting

Would you like another set of eyes to dive deep in your business and create a plan to help you move from your current state (inconsistent income, lack of time, stagnant growth, etc) - to your desired state (predictable income, flexibility, scaling your business)?


Our Bridge-the-Gap Consulting Program provides one-on-one help to identify the gaps in your business and provide systems to take you to the next level.  


**Set up a complimentary 15 minute call to see if Bridge-the-Gap Consulting can help you level-up your business. 

Here's What's Next... 

Ready to get started? Just follow the steps shown and let's make it happen!

  • STEP #1

    Choose an Option: Do-It-Yourself, Done For You, or Done With You 

    • If you've got more time than money, and like to be hands on - choose The Client Magnet Blueprint
    • If you're short on time and want to put your marketing on autopilot, select our Just Get-It-Done Marketing Service
    • If you want one-one-one guidance to look at your business and identify ways to take it to the next level, choose our Bridge-the-Gap Consulting 
  • STEP #2

    Make Your Purchase

    Click the green button under the option you choose. This will open another window that has additional details and payment options. 

  • STEP #3

    Take Action

    All our options require you to take action. Whether you're implementing strategies from The Client Magnet Blueprint, completing questionnaires for the Just-Get-It-Done Service, or following our advice from Bridge-the-Gap Consulting - your focused action is the common denominator for success!


4 Easy Ways to Make Your Website a Magnet to Attract More Leads

Two important things you must consider when growing your business online are: 

1. How will you attract new visitors to your website?

2. How will you convert those visitors into leads and potential clients? 


Download this free guide to discover 4 easy ways to make your website a magnet to attract more leads. 

Ryan Johnson

Founder of Better Your Best Marketing

Since 2003 I've been a serial entrepreneur, obsessed with online marketing and providing value to the clients I work with. I've also experienced the ups and downs of being a business owner when your leads and marketing are inconsistent.


That's why our mission at Better Your Best Marketing is to help freelancers and solorpreneurs who struggle, or are time-strapped when it comes to online marketing and attracting clients.


Our main focus is to provide online marketing that helps you attract your ideal clients - so your main focus can be on providing value and growing your business. 


How We're Different

  • We Care About What Matters Most

    We're a God-centered organization that puts people and integrity before profits

  • Customer Satisfaction Comes First

    We have a complaint-free, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • Prosperity with a Purpose

    "To whom much is given, much is expected." We tithe 10% of profits to charitable causes and operate with an attitude of gratitude

Our Clients

Our goal is to have a meaningful impact on our clients with every interaction, and help you accomplish your goals using our products and services. These are just a few of the many clients we've been blessed to work with. 

Here's What Our Clients Say 

Every now and then, if you're lucky, you meet someone like Ryan and his team. I've hired lots of people... and Ryan is Top 1% for sure. He's smart, helpful, friendly, and knows pretty much everything about Kartra. He's an absolute legend and a superstar. When I started working with him, I had just tried out two other guys who didn't know what they were doing ... so I was a stressed out mess because I was facing a deadline. But once I started Ryan's contract, we had a couple of calls to run through details (he's very thorough to ensure he does a great job), and then I woke up the second day of working together and everything was done. Properly. And it worked. Hallelujah! Thank you Ryan for being so awesome.

Cathryn Mora

Founder, Change Empire

Ryan did everything that I asked and more incredibly fast. I had a very short deadline (unreasonably short, actually) and he made it work seamlessly. He went above and beyond and gave me personal guidance on how to operate the Kartra system, which I can now use on my own. Probably most importantly to me, though, Ryan was the only person of those who considered this job who reached out in a way that felt authentic and gave me peace of mind that someone who would be handling my work is also caring and thoughtful about it.

Christiana Shams

Owner, Embrace Your Essence

I’ve been working with Ryan Johnson and his team for the past couple of years. He’s done a phenomenal job building our websites as well as being a mentor when it comes to lead generation and SEO. Ryan and his team have been accessible and he’s been a great partner for us. 


I’m more focused on the investment side of things, so I’m not good when it comes to SEO. But having a partner like Ryan and his team has been very helpful. I recommend him to anyone that is thinking of building a website. But not only building a website - also building your business when it comes to lead generation.

Sterling Davis

President, Ethosity Property Management

"Ryan introduced me to Kartra, and in just a few weeks, created for me a stunning sales page for my online course, replicated my MailChimp email templates and taught me how to move my business and marketing funnels into this comprehensive platform, which will save me both money and time. As a small online business entrepreneur, I've hired many people for support over the years and I can attest that Ryan is one of the best. He is efficient, knowledgeable, approachable, and creative, and best of all, he instantly 'gets it'."

Vicki Johnson

Founder, ProFellow

I’ve been counting on Ryan and his team for websites, SEO and social media for our organization for the past couple of years.


His company does great work and they stand behind their product, which is critical to me. Whenever our members need online marketing services, I send them straight to his company, no questions asked.

Vickie Perry

Executive Director, Central Indiana Real Estate Association

The part of working with Ryan's team that had the most impact on my business is marketing. It went through the roof because I was able to do more, and speak to more people. I’m able to close more deals now and almost doubled my business since working with you. 

Demitrius Lamar

Principal Broker, Lamar Realty

I’ll be sticking with you guys based upon the experience that I had and how professional your team is. I wish this had been available to me 13 years ago when I first got started. 

Chris Jennings

Founder, Ciege Property Management

Every since I connected with Ryan's company he has been absolutely amazing! Professional, efficient, communicative. I will continue to use him and refer him to others who could benefit from his services!

Sonia Lakhany

Founder, Lakhany Law

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